parabolic solar oven
roll of reflective foil with self adhesive backing

Self Adhesive Mirrored Foil


0.5m x 4m Reflective Solar Film Waterproof Self Adhesive

This material is ideal for converting satellite dishes into parabolic solar cookers, just peal off the adhesive backing and stick it on the dish and cut off the excess

It could not be simpler

You may also want a IR Temperature Thermometer Gun, these are great for monitoring the temperature, just point the laser light at the surface from a safe distance to get an accurate temperate reading.



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Product Description

Solar reflective film self adhesive
This Light Reflective Film can be laser and die-cut
material: PET aluminum composite
Technical: multiple vacuum aluminizing
Size:0.5m  *4m
19.5″  *   157″
Its scope of application is as follows:
Aquarium; solar energy equipment;
For lamps, Advertising light boxes, scientific experiments
Enhance photosynthesis

Mirror Like materialReflective Mylar

Reflective Film can give your plants an extra boost of light without using any more electricity. Reflective Film is extremely reflective material and is especially useful in those dark corners. Just hang it on the wall with thumb tacks or tape and there will be a visible difference in the brightness of your grow room.
High Reflective Rating
This reflective material can reach 97% reflective rate, can add over 30% sun light when you use this film.
Mirror Like material
The material strong and durable, the surface looks like a mirror!


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