300 watt solar kitt including Solar charge controller
300 watt solar kitt including Solar charge controllerSolar charge controller100 watt Flexible Solar panel - flexing100 watt Flexible Solar panel with pictures of use100 watt Flexible Solar panel

300W DIY Kitset Solar System


Solarparts 300W DIY Kits Solar System 3 x100W flexible solar panel, 1 x 20A solar controller full cable Y type, MC4 wire clips

Great start to you solar system.

Just add a battery bank and your up and running off the grid.

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Product Description

Solarparts 300W DIY RV Boat solar kits include the followings parts:

1. 3pcs 100W flexible solar panel for RV Boat

2. 1pcs 20A 12V/24V solar controller

3. 2pcs Y type male/female MC4 connector adaptor

4. 1sets 3M length MC4 solar cable

5. 1sets 3M red black cable with alligator clip for rechargable batteries.

100W specs


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