hold increaser drill bit expander 11 step hex shank
hold increaser drill bit expander 11 step

Titanium Coated 11 Step Drill


Unique 3-13MM Titanium Coated 11 Step Drill 1/4″ HSS Hex Shank Tool

Very usefull if you need to make a hole just that little bit bigger, trust me this happens a lot and this will save you heaps of time and possibly save a few other tools.


Product Description

Type: 3-13MM (11 steps:3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13MM)

• 4241 high-speed steel, used in hardness under 25 ° workpiece, the plate thickness under 5 mm. such as carbon steel plate, sheet iron, insulation boards, wood
• Cannot be used for stainless steel
• When inject cold water while working, can effectively extend the service life of the drill bit
• Material: HSS 4241
• Shank :1/4 Hexagonal
• Surface treatment: titanium
• Tools: pistol drill, bench drill
• Quantity: 1 pc


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